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by on February 2, 2021

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In the digital age we currently live in, pieces of writing are being posted at a constant rate on all corners of the Internet. News articles, Facebook posts, dissertations, things for sale… no matter what topic, item, or opinion you’re in search of, you can find it somewhere on the worldwide web.

With over 2 million blog posts published on the Internet daily, many readers have started wondering, “Who writes these things?” There are two main answers to this question: The first one is actual, real authors who are passionate about their subjects; and the second one is ghostwriters.

What is a Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter can be defined in a few different ways. The most common one is, roughly, “an individual who is hired by someone to write a piece of literature that the hirer’s name becomes attached to.”

Ghostwriters are normal people with above-normal writing skills that advertise their work in order to make others’ lives easier (and yes, it is completely legal).

When a ghostwriter takes a job, they sign over all rights to their writing to the person who hired them or to the person the hirer will give the writing to. Understandably, many great writers would rather have their own names attached to their work, but loads of beginners or people with no intentions of writing careers take advantage of the opportunities to write for someone else.

Why Do People Hire Ghostwriters?

A whopping sixty percent of the current nonfiction bestsellers are ghostwritten, but it isn’t just books that have more than one creative mind.

Popular singers like Jay-Z, Drake, and Kanye West have all also admitted to having people help write or completely create their songs.

Ghostwriting is extremely common in the celebrity nonfiction world and in the entertainment industry. So, why do people hire Freelance writers in the first place? Simple answer: it’s the easy thing to do. Think about it. A celebrity famous for hosting a talk show gets a deal to write a book about their lives.

Do they really have the time to sit down for a year, collect all their memories, and try to write something worth reading? Of course not! But their ghostwriters do.

The same can go for any large blog that posts multiple times a day or week. Often, the blog owners don’t have the time to manage marketing, graphic design, and all the other aspects along with the actual writing– so they hire freelance copywriters to do it for them.

It all really comes down to time management, income, and ease. If someone has the resources to hire a ghostwriter, they probably will.

How to Find a Ghostwriter That You Can Trust?

Now that you know what a ghostwriter is and why they’re useful, you may be wondering how you can find one, too.

Truly, finding one on the Internet is incredibly simple, and while they may not all be Kanye level, they will certainly get your job done. Whether you need lyrics, poetry, an academic paper, a blog post, a news article, or an Instagram caption, you can find a ghostwriter willing to do it for your price.

The first place to look is on freelance websites. On pages like Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork, you can find ghostwriters by the hundreds. Most of these authors are casual writers that probably have day jobs but possess above-average writing skills.

You can find great prices and easy to work with people on these sites.

If you’re not quite sure about freelance websites, LinkedIn and Facebook are other great tools. There are tons of ghostwriting Facebook groups, and thousands of people on LinkedIn list ghostwriting as one of their skills. However, since these transactions are less secure, they can often cost more and you are more likely to get scammed.

In finding a ghostwriter, be sure to keep a few things in mind.

  • Always remember that your security is important. Finding online writers can be dangerous if you do it incorrectly, so go through trusted platforms and examine the person you’re hiring.
  • Always be incredibly open and clear about the work you want the writer to do. If you’re dissatisfied, there’s usually little that you can do.
  • Be sure to communicate your price in a transparent manner and never pay before the work is done. Otherwise, you may get scammed and never see the money again.

Last Notes on Ghostwriting

Overall, ghostwriting is an easy, legal, economically stimulating practice that thousands of people engage in on both sides. Since anyone can do it, it’s easy to find people who are great at it. Once you find a good ghostwriter that understands your personalized needs, the quality of your work can skyrocket and your own workload will be drastically reduced. Finding a good ghostwriter requires some work, but is overall incredibly rewarding.

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