The Different Types of Freelance Work

by on October 26, 2014

To the freelance professional (or novice) the possibilities are really unlimited.

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Do you have the skill or the talent?  Most people would be quite surprised to find out how many different types of opportunities there are out there in the freelancing world.  Almost any business need can be freelanced, and, more and more, businesses and individuals are turning to freelancing websites to find talented people to assist them.

If you are looking for a Freelance work, or a Freelancer to help you with a task, the following is just a short list of some of the major areas of freelancing. It is by no means a complete list.

1. Writing

Of course, this is vocation most people think of when they first think of when they hear the word freelance.” Images of a tanned writer, sitting on a balmy beach somewhere, tablet propped on a knee with a cool drink close at handspring to mind. But the various writing needs of business and individuals are a lot more extensive.

Business opportunities exist in the areas of technical writing, manual writing, presentations, report writing, letter writing, blog posting, editing, proofreading, content writing, product descriptions, and reviews…

In the publishing area, copywriting, proofreading, editing, and screenwriting is needed. Individuals are constantly looking for ghost-writers and people to write e-books.

Travel guides and articles are also in demand.

2. IT, Software and Web Design

There is a huge demand for assistance in this area, and, fortunately, a large number of people equal to the task. A company (or a person) may need someone to debug, design, update or create a website. They may need assistance with any of the various software applications, from A (Active Directory) to Z (Zen Cart).

Programmers are needed, as are people with data entry talents.

Some people need specific applications built, while others simply need some IT help.

3. Photography, Art, and Design

While some businesses need photographs or photography work done, a lot of work in this area comes from individuals who need photos altered (i.e.: Please take the moose in the background out of my wedding picture”).

Businesses need design work done, in the form of animation, fashion layouts, T-shirt design, Photoshop work, video production, and illustration. Again, the opportunities are enormous.

4. Translation

In today’s multi-national business world, the need to be understood in one’s native language is paramount. Anyone with a language skill can find work in this area. Anyone who needs something translated can find a translator. The demand for native English speakers (the UK or American) is especially high.

5. Science and Engineering

Any type of engineering can be outsourced. Help with every kind of engineering activity can be found at a reputable freelancing company. In addition, jobs requiring scientific skills can be found, such as mathematics, physics, medical, or geology.

A geological survey of the plot of land upon which you plan to build your dream home, for example, could be done by a freelancer in your area. And a freelance home designer could then be found to design that home as well.

6. Admin. and Data Entry

Freelancers can be found to help with data entry needs. This might also include bookkeeping, phone support, technical support, and customer support. A virtual assistant can be found, or someone to simply do data entry.

7. Accounting, Human Resources, and Legal

With the rising cost associated with hiring or onboarding new personnel, finding a Freelancer to take on this task can be both cost-effective and efficient. Bookkeepers, accountants, tax preparers, auditors, business analysts, and people to handle payroll are available through the freelancing system.

In addition, legal questions can be answered by experts in the areas of business, employment or property law. Freelance paralegals or attorneys can do your legal research on a pressing issue.

There is a demand for people having knowledge of all the business software systems (QuickBooks, PeopleSoft, Quicken).

8. Trades

Some freelance sites post jobs for local skills and trades. Carpenters, builders, and landscapers can find work in this area of freelancing

It should be noted that most of the freelance websites have their own service categories and /or ways of listing projects.

The bottom line is, if it is a service that can be performed, there is a talented Freelancer who can help you with your needs. And, conversely, if you have a marketable skill, talent, or business, you can offer your services as a Freelancer.

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