The Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing

by on September 29, 2014

In essence, you are hiring the best of the best for bargain-basement prices.

offshore outsourcing

The benefits of outsourcing are well known. It has been a standard business practice for years. The outsourcing of non-core business activities or special projects can free up your personnel to concentrate on the business of running your business and greatly affect your bottom line.

Without going to the expense of hiring IT personnel, or a full-time bookkeeper, you can still have access to the skills and expertise of quality business professionals by contracting for these services.

With all the companies available in North America possessing the ability to handle any project or service that might be handled by outsourcing, what could be the advantage of looking for an offshore outsourcing company?  Well, the answers might surprise you.

1. Primarily, of course, there is the cost.

It is a fact that any task that can be done here can be done in India or Bangladesh or China or Ecuador for less. The wages are lower, as are the costs of running a business. Even the notorious offshore call centers are improving, with employees taking language and accent lessons to enable them to be more easily understood by their target audience.

According to Outsource Consultants ( a call center referral company and offshore outsourcing referral service), companies can save “anywhere from 40% to 50% by outsourcing their call center services to offshore and near-shore markets” Of course, customer service is only one area where outsourcing can be a cost-saving endeavor.

“Just about any business service that doesn’t require actual face time with clients or consumers can be outsourced, and it can be done for a fraction of what you would pay for the same services here”.

2. Cut-rate access to top-level engineers, technicians, and consultants.

People holding advanced degrees, even people with Ph.D.’s can be part of your “team”. Most of the professionals in these offshore outsourcing companies have had top-notch educations, and many of the engineers and technology experts are, quite frankly, superior to those in North America.

The “time to market” product delivery is certainly less when there are experts in the field working on the problem.

By outsourcing projects, a business owner can obtain a superior product or service, with bottom-line savings that are considerable.

3. The lack-of-frustrations benefit.

It’s probably not the done thing to write about it, but frustrations are real and tangible, and they should really be considered:

a). First of all, you will not have to hire your sister’s nephew to design your website.

When your sister tells you that Ricky is really good at the internet (and playing games) and he’ll do your website so cheap, you can tell her that you have already contracted with a quality international company working on the project.

b). You will not have to drive your employees crazy with constant interruptions as you download and test new versions of the program you are developing – over and over again.

There will be no loss of internal documents.  Your interaction with an offshore company might only be to communicate the specifications, review the “proof of concept” and accept the finished product.

c). No beta testing. No downtime.

If there is a problem with the end product, it will not be your fault or the fault of your company. If the firm you hired does not deliver the product you ordered, you don’t have to accept it. And you won’t have to tie up your valuable employees working on a project that takes them away from the core processes of your company.

If there is overtime, if the project goes over-budget, if someone has to go back and start over…. it doesn’t matter. Overtime is not your problem.

Cost overruns are not your concern. If the “team” has to work all night, the cost does not come out of your budget, your pocket, or your bottom line.

d). Using experts means that no one has to re-invent the wheel.

You might have to write or approve a script for the telemarketers, but you don’t have to set up the phone room, install the equipment or figure out who has more seniority for taking Christmas vacation.

Certainly, the nice price tag of offshore outsourcing is pretty agreeable, an added benefit of which you should always be aware is that you are often getting access to some of the, most intelligent people and the best technology and engineering in the world for a bargain price.

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